29 Nov 2015
Improve Vision

Smart Technology to improve vision

A new invention to adapt the display of screens and monitors so that people who wear spectacles can remove their eyewear and see a sharper image has been launched today.

The vision assistance system, iSite 20/20®, is an innovative invention that adapts the display on digital devices to compensate for a user’s vision impairment.

iSite 20/20® has been developed by Karmarz International, one of the first Australian start-ups to respond to the Turnbull Government’s call for innovation and technology, and is a system that assists with vision correction and has many potential applications on different devices.

Karmarz International has lodged an international patent on the system which can be used across a number of platforms – smart and android devices, television screens and custom devices such as entertainment systems on the back of head rests and dashboard displays.

Director of Karmarz International, Leonard Markus, said the innovation provides an elegant solution for millions of people across the globe who needs vision correction.

“The iSite 20/20® system adjusts the image displayed on a screen to provide users who have typical eye conditions such as short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) or age-related long sightedness (presbyopia) with clear vision and sharp focus on their digital devices,” Mr. Markus said.

“Having keen eyesight has been vital to human survival since our earliest days of hunting and gathering. Over time we have become increasingly reliant on good eyesight and using our close vision to look at smaller objects for more hours every day and night,” he said.

“We undertake many daily tasks that requires focusing on small, close objects such as reading, fine arts and working on a computer. Most of us need to read small text on digital displays but our eyesight has not evolved as quickly as developments in modern technology.

“Imagine being able to view content on your mobile phone or tablet, laptop or high definition TV without having to wear your glasses or contact lenses,” he said.

Mr. Markus said iSite 20/20® will help restore clear vision and sharp focus on devices to help eliminate blurred vision, eyestrain and irritation.

He said the technology of the iSite 20/20® system allows users to take control of their vision on tablets, hand-held devices, gaming consoles, eReaders and other digital screens.

Mr. Markus said more of us are turning to technology to correct our vision.

“The estimated daily screen time in Australia is up to nine hours a day for work, study and entertainment with our eyes fixed on a screen at a specific distance for long periods,” Mr. Markus said.

“Our children spend an increasing amount of screen time each day and our ageing population is becoming more reliant on eyewear or medical intervention to combat age-related long sightedness.”

He said the iSite 20/20® system brings together the benefits of increasing digital and mobile device ownership and our demand for greater connectivity, with technology to provide vision assistance to an increasing number of people in Australia and around the world.

For more information phone Director, Karmarz International Pty Ltd, Leonard Markus, on +61 407 337 188 or visit www.iSite2020.com.au

Editor's Note: Karmarz International has lodged a Provisional Patent (worldwide) for this invention, number 2015901034

27 Oct 2015
Sync Your Vision

A New Way to Sync Your Vision and Your Smartphone

Queensland, Australia (October 2015) - It’s a well-known fact of modern life: smartphones and eyeglasses don’t mix.

More and more of us are wearing glasses or contacts. And we are spending more and more time on our smart devices - sometimes from the very first thing in the morning, to the very last thing at night. The results are itchy eyes, lack of focus and lower productivity. Traditional tools such as increasing font sizes or screen resolution just don’t work on smaller handheld devices.

Those of us who wear glasses or contacts (and that’s pretty much all of us) have often wondered - why isn’t there a better way to view content on your smart devices?

Now, there is.

iSite 20/20® is pleased to announce an innovative new technology that better matches your vision to your smartphone. It’s so new and ground-breaking, we can’t tell you about it until you sign an NDA - there is a worldwide provisional patent in place. We have carefully analyzed the market sector and potential demand and are confident that this new technology represents an untapped global market demographic.

Soon, rubbing your irritated eyes at the end of a day on your tablet or phone will be a thing of the past. The technology of iSite 20/20® lets you take control of your vision, your tablet, and your life.

To learn more, contact inventor Len Markus on +61 407 337 188.

30 Sep 2015
Take control of your vision

Take control of Your Vision

Glasses, you love them and you hate them. On the one hand, you depend on them to provide clear vision so you can go about your daily activities, such as reading, working at the computer, or driving. On the other hand, they can get foggy in cold or humid weather, slide down your nose, leave marks on the bridge of your nose, and create hassles when they’re misplaced or broken. With these mixed feelings, you may be wondering, "Will I have to wear glasses forever?"

Though some vision problems are the natural results of aging, there are things you can do to help prevent many common eye problems and maintain your vision longer. This is the point where iSite20/20® company comes, they have summed up an innovative idea where an individual no longer has to wear eye glasses while watching TV, working on the computer, driving, using your iPad/tablet or even your smart phone.

Times have changed now and recent advances in eyeglass lens manufacturing have made possible new high-definition digital eyeglass lenses that correct these aberrations, potentially giving a patient sharper vision than what was ever possible with conventional eyeglasses.

Certain frameworks exist that expect to help clients with eye issues in reading content on advanced digital devices. Such frameworks regularly develop and expand the complexity of the content. On the other hand, such frameworks are for the most part, not suited to convenient gadgets, for example, cell phones, as a small measure of content can be shown on the screen at once. Moreover, such frameworks for the most part uproot critical stylish subtle elements connected with the content.

Think for a moment about how often we use our sight every day. Our vision allows us to admire nature's beauty around us, enjoy a good book, and appreciate the faces of our loved ones. Vision is so important in our daily life. However, despite eyesight being among our most treasured of senses; we don't often take the steps needed to maintain our eye health throughout our lives and it’s worth a try to use iSite20/20® company innovative idea. Staring at your computer or other digital devices can cause major strain on your eyes and can also cause dry eyes, blurry vision, and headaches.

Most jobs nowadays involve some degree of computer usage, meaning almost everyone will be spending time in front of a computer. Unfortunately, this can result in eye strain or injury. In order to avoid this, you'll have to properly protect your eyes both in front of and away from the computer or a device. iSite20/20® Company recently logged a provision patent where they believe it would be beneficial to the growth of any organization in addition there is need for improved vision assistance system

If you would like more information on how this could help your organization, please feel free to contact Len Markus on +61 407 337 188 (Inventor)